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Author Topic: How to download my full website from Cpanel?  (Read 807 times)

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How to download my full website from Cpanel?
« on: February 27, 2023, 12:23:00 PM »
Technically there are 4 ways to download the full website from Cpanel

1. Automatic account backup :

An automatic account backup is basically created when transferring your account to another web hosting service provider. This backup includes home directories, Emails, MYSQL databases, and DNS settings. This backup works by administrating the system network that needs backup.

To create an automatic backup

Step 1. Login to the cPanel

Step 2. Select the files option

Step 3. Then now in the files folder. Click on the backup option.

Step 4. Now when the backup files get open. Press download a full account backup option.

Step 5. Now click on the home directory as the backup from the same drop-down menu.

Step 6. After choosing the destination, click on generate for an automated backup.

2. Automatic Home directory Backup

As the name, you might have come to know that. An automatic home directory generates the full backup of the files in your home directory. As it is a partial backup, it does not download DNS, or MYSQL files.

These are the step to download the home directory backup:

Step 1: Open your Cpanel dashboard and click on files.

Step 2: Now select backups.

Step 3: Now search for the partial backup and click on the home directory options in the backups folder.

3. Manual Website Backup :

Remember, Manual Website Backup is both a risky and time-consuming process. You need to select files and databases separately, meaning you will lose all your data if something goes wrong. So before you create a manual backup, you need to find the main folder where all the files are stored. It will be mainly in the public HTML directory.

These are all the steps to follow to start a manual backup.

1. Login into your cPanel, and then come down on the files section there, you have to click the file manager option

2. Now look for the main folder where all the files and databases are stored.

3. Once you find the main folder, right-click and select the compress option.

4. While compressing, select the type you can either choose the zip of the Tar file and click on compress

5. Return to the file manager and look for the compressed file.

6. Lastly, select the folder, navigate yourself to the top of the main menu, and then press download

After completing the last step, all the selected files are backed up.

4. Backup wizard

Now let's walk through creating the most simplified wizard backup.

1. log in to your cPanel, files and then click on the backup wizard option.

2. Once you fo click on the backup option

3. You now have to choose the backup full or partial backup

4. You can now add your email address to get notified once the backup is complete.

5. Now press the generate backup button, wait for a few minutes, and get back to download.

6. Now, at the download, you will see the link. Now click on that link to start the backup process.
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