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Author Topic: Best way to move an Email Account from one cPanel server to another  (Read 961 times)

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Moving an Email account from one cPanel server to another server is pretty easy if you don't believe, check this out.

Steps to move an account from one cPanel server to another server

Step 1

Create a New Email account on the name server with the same address and password. For that, you have to just log in to your Cpanel on the New Server and click on Email Accounts.

Step 2

The Next thing you need to do is to download the files of the old server and download the files which is needed. And then, from the root directory, go to the “Mail/ Account. Here you will see a bunch of files. You just have to copy the New and Cur directories.

Step 3

When the files are downloaded, then you have to just place the New and Cur directories in the root/mail/ account of the respective account on the New server. Give yourself some time, as this step might take some time.

Step 4

After some time, if you check the New Server, you will see that your Emails are transferred, but your Quota Says 0/xxx MB. Now for that Update, the wrong mail Quota in Cpanel FTP to the old server, open up the maildirsize file at “root/mail/ Account, copy all the content and then paste it into the maildirsize file on the New server.
Step 5

Now as you have transferred all the files, you still need to point your DNS server to the new server in order to have mail. When you update your records, it could take upto 24 hrs.

Step 6
Now, finally, send a test Email to the account. If that works, send the Email from the account then You’re done.
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