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UK Web Hosting Offers / LunaHost Black Friday Promotion: 40% off all plans!
« on: November 24, 2016, 04:23:03 PM »
Hey, guys!

LunaHost is running a Black Friday promotion, offering 40% off all Managed cPanel Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans.

Simply enter code BLACKFRIDAY at check out.

You can find more information about the promotion on our website: LunaHost Black Friday Coupon

Plans start from £2.99 and all come with:

- Free offsite Backups. We'll backup your website to multiple offsite locations every single night while you're tucked up in bed, you will never need to worry about backups ever again.

- UK only support from our hosting heroes. Our team is seriously awesome, we're based in Durham and you can now reach us with instant live chat support via our website.

- Free SSL Certificates as standard. Access your website via https without lifting a finger.

- Built on CloudLinux for improved security. Keep your noisy neighbours at bay.

- 1 Click App Installs. You can get up and running with CloudFlare just as quick, too. All done from your cPanel account.

- MariaDB, offering improved database performance and is just all round better than MySQL.

- 100% Uptime Guarantee. We believe your website should be online 24/7 thats why we're offering you guys 100% up time guarantee, if we don't meet our goal, in any given month, we'll refund your hosting fees for that month if you contact us to let us know. (Exclusions apply).

Not interested in our promotion but still want to try LunaHost?

So you made it this far but you're not convinced? Why not have a month on us to give us a chance to change your mind.

Simply visit the LunaHost website and click 'Request Free Trial'.

General Web Hosting / Re: How important is the location of the host?
« on: November 24, 2016, 04:12:46 PM »
What do you mean by location? Off shore or something like residing in UK but server in US?

For the most part it does not matter however you can encounter increased ping, handshake etc the further the server is away from the client so it makes sense to have servers in the same area as your target audience.

If my company was targeting UK people I would almost definitely buy UK servers.

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