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Author Topic: Why Backup is Essential for Your Data  (Read 2929 times)


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Why Backup is Essential for Your Data
« on: January 13, 2017, 03:35:24 PM »
According to the latest research by Cisco on the business impact of cyber-attacks, data breaches cost on average 5.9 million US dollars for enterprises worldwide.1 In order to avoid being a part of deplorable statistics, it is highly important to ensure security of Your data and continuity of Your business, even in case of company’s IT system disruption by creating additional copies of files in a cloud. This will help to minimize unnecessary expenses and reputational risks, which can arise if you lose valuable business data.

The myth of insecure information storage in clouds is gradually fading away. Creation of additional file copies and their remote replications or backup in cloud guarantees complete safety for company’s data in the situation of emergency, as well as ability to continue work at full operation. Companies, who do not consider their system backup, are subject to a high risk. With properly selected cloud backup system, you pay only for the used capacity, while storing files like documents, archives of personal computers and servers, emails, different databases as MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, Oracle, credentials or passwords, server settings, application and OS data, SharePoint information, as well as virtual machines running on VMware.

Another advantage of such solution – human factor is minimized. Taking in account statistics of recovered data, quarter of all losses occur due to user’s mistake and lead to the loss of backup copies stored on a computer. Performing cloud backup, human factor of data loss will be reduced.

However, keep in mind the security and confidentiality of Your data stored in the cloud. First, examine data center security procedures as they ensure untouchability of Your information in compliance with international standards like TIER, ISO, PCI DSS and others. The high quality of DEAC services is rooted in data centers that are built in compliance with world’s highest security standards and 24/7 IT expert support. DEAC has accomplished the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - PCI DSS 3.1, which guarantees safe customers data processing and storage in compliance with highest-level security requirements. Data is protected from unauthorized access, both physically and virtually.

Evaluating data center pay attention to operator’s possibility to provide individual approach and integrated solutions. By cooperating with DEAC, You are choosing experienced service provider that has been recognized by IT experts and thousands of customers worldwide. Backup service or BaaS is deployed via DEAC data centers located in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Moscow, Kiev and Riga and the solution is based on leading software provider IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Data centers are interconnected with one of the fastest Internet networks and can be split into a single location or multiple locations, depending on customer’s data backup requirements. Through software interface, it is possible to organize data copying or backup process in manual or automatic mode - customizing data backup or storage location, frequency, capacity and time.

Contact us and we will develop an individual solution according to Your business needs!

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