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Mini Direct Display Surface Packaging Film
« on: July 08, 2024, 07:47:23 AM »
Mini Direct Display Surface Packaging Film
Mini Direct display surface packaging film is made of optical PET as the base material, treated by AG&AF special coating, and then coated with high-performance special AG OCA optical adhesive. It has matte surface effect, excellent reliability (high temperature resistance, high humidity resistance, UV resistance), stable optical characteristics.

MiniLED Display module surface packaging and laminating provide surface protection and explosion proof laminating for display module.

Product Code
Technical Parameters   P47065   P47090A
Product Type   AGAF Substrate   AGAF Tape Carrier Package
Color   Black   Black
Total Thickness[mm]   0.06   0.09
Substrate   Optics PET   Optics PET
Adhesive   -   Special AG OCA
180°Peel Strength[N/inch]   -   ≥1000
Retention[h]   -   24
Tearing Force[gf/inch]   -   5~25
Transmittance[%]   65   65
Haze[%]   58   58
Chromatic Aberration[L*a*b]   84.54*0.97*3.06   84.54*0.97*3.06
Glossiness[20 degree]   3.2   3.2
Glossiness[60 degree]   11.7   11.7
Glossiness[85 degree]   21.1   21.1
Adhesion Test   4   4