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Require reseller hosting account for uploading videos

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Hello. I am in search of web hosting that is reliable and will provide very fast loading speed all over the world.
I will be uploading videos to the website and they need to load fast.
What are your views on or reseller web hosting? What host is better?
Will it be worth trying them?

You can also try reseller hosting. Can't say anything bad about 'em. Support is good & fast!
The control panel is 100% custom and it is amazing. When things go wrong, they explain what's happening and what they're doing to fix it and prevent it in future.

Very happy with my switch to SSD reseller hosting in the USA.
Support has overall been good (they were a bit slow to address an issue with upload limits but they fixed it and were apologetic and helpful so no real complaints).

All I can say that I am fully-satisfied using USA web hosting service.
I'm really happy with their support, they reply support queries very instantly.
The tutorials are helpful. It's a great service.

There are many good quality hosting services out there for you to choose from, I am using Vultr and I find it very fast and has many geolocation options. You can consult the service of this company to see if it is right for you. wordle today, glad if my information helps you.


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