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Protecting Data in a Hybrid Cloud


Hybrid clouds have become increasingly popular among enterprises, but their complex infrastructure, combining public and private clouds, as well as dedicated servers, can make security more challenging. With data loss having potentially catastrophic consequences, including downtime, reputational damage and substantial financial penalties, organisations using hybrid cloud systems must be fully aware of how to protect their data. Here, we explain some of the measures needed to implement robust hybrid cloud security.

Start with physical security

Good physical security is the foundation of robust hybrid protection. It begins with putting measures into place that prevent data loss from issues like natural disasters, accidents, power failure, loss or theft.

One of the basic principles of physical security is to locate the data centre away from other buildings. This ensures that if a fire starts in one building, it cannot spread to the data centre.
In addition, the data centre should be protected by physical boundaries, like fences, be patrolled by security guards, have CCTV cameras (including infrared night vision cameras) that link to a central security hub, and have access control systems in place so that only authorised personnel can enter the facility, while internal access to specific areas is granted only to those who need it.
In addition, the data centre needs a backup power supply so that if the grid goes down, services can continue.

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Some of the most powerful technical controls in your hybrid cloud toolbox are encryption, automation, orchestration, access control, and endpoint security. Encryption greatly reduces the risk that any readable data would be exposed even if a physical machine is compromised.

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Encryption is absolutely necessary for hybrid cloud security. Thanks for sharing the tips!
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