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Major Cloud Challenges for Enterprises in 2022


According to recent studies, the main cloud challenges enterprises will face during 2022 include security, governance, compliance, finance and talent. Here, we take a closer look at the state of today’s enterprise cloud environment and give insights into these and other challenges.

Top challenges

Research shows that enterprises face eight major cloud challenges overall. In order of the number of respondents citing them, these were security (81%), managing finance (79%), governance (75%), lack of expertise (75%), compliance (75%), managing BYOL (73%), managing multi-cloud (72%) and cloud migration (71%). Noticeably, the figures for enterprises were higher in all areas than for SMBs.

The studies indicate that while companies have growing cloud experience, the adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies, together with an increase in cloud-based workloads still presents significant security, finance and governance challenges.
And while managing multi-cloud/hybrid environments becomes easier as companies gain experience, ongoing changes (e.g., new regulations and emerging security threats) mean challenges with security, finance, governance and compliance remain constant.

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The rapid transition of the digital economy is one of the greatest problems cloud providers will confront in 2022. Of course, everyone wants a piece of the action, but there aren't any one-size-fits-all solutions for moving to the cloud. As a result, the cloud market will need to become even more adaptable in the coming years. It includes having a holistic approach to security and data storage and providing real-time security monitoring, analytics, and other services to assist businesses in maximizing their cloud investments. It's especially true when you realize that remote work isn't just a temporary coping mechanism - it's here to stay and won't go away.

Here are the top 5 cloud analytics trends to watch in 2022.

Cloud cost optimization will be a top priority for Tech Leaders.
Enterprises will need a way to counterbalance challenges such as latency on the cloud.
Use of cloud-native technologies will dominate digital strategies.
Lift-and-shift approach will lose sheen; scalable and elastic will be the new buzzwords.
CIOs will focus on a fit-for-purpose cloud strategy that aligns with business objectives.


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