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Hello forum, i'm currently using a human managed server, that i always monitor. So i want to look for a server hosting solution that will fit my needs.
First of all it will be running 5 websites, 3 with some traffic and 2 of them almost dead.
When i say traffic, i'm talking about a maximum of 300 users browsing some picture galleries (max 150k each picture) on 3 of the websites.
The rest are static HTML pages, noone will manage them.
Question is, do you think that a 2 core processor, 3gb ram, 100 GB SSD will be enough?
Any info on server hosting service? Has anybody tried them?

Thank you!

Try reliable severs from solid hosting providers, I mean and 
If you are looking for a cheap and fast webhosting company, then they are your best choice!

Can add that offers nice dedicated hosting packages. Tech support is EXCELLENT. I have had a handful of small issues and 1 very big issue over the years and their live support has always been there and fixed my problems immediately - usually within just a few minutes.

All I can say is that is a great host! Long-term experience with managed servers has taught me that the most important thing is quality of service, particularly quality of support. It's no use having super cheap hosting if no one is there to help you when it goes wrong.

ByteNAP’s Cheap Indian Dedicated Server is equipped with enterprise-grade hardware and DDoS Protection making it more reliable and super secure. With all these features coupled with FREE Domain, SSL, and value-added services. As it is the Best Hosting Company in India.


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