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Author Topic: Super Cheap VPS/VDS: Fast Speed Connectivity: 24x7 Support!  (Read 887 times)


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Do you need super fast VPS hosting service? is the place to order them at reasonable rates!

VPS/VDS - is a working environment located on the root machine using one of the virtualization systems such as OpenVZ, LXC, KVM, Xen, VMWare or ESXi. Therefore, one physical server (node) can simultaneously contain several virtual servers, which are only slightly inferior to dedicated servers in terms of performance, but they will be much cheaper and more reliable due to daily automatic backups. A virtual server or VPS is good for “young”, unloaded websites or projects that have not yet entered the stage of rapid growth. At your request, 3v-hosting professionals will install any operating system on your server absolutely free of charge.

* Important! 3v-hosting does not provide or sell licenses for the operating systems that require licensing, such as Windows.

Choose Virtual Private Server (VPS/VDS):

VPS-S Hosting
vCPU: 1 core
RAM: 1 Gb
HDD (SSD): 20 Gb
IP addreses: 1 x IPv4
Access: Root
Server Location: Ukraine

VPS-M Hosting
vCPU: 2 cores
RAM: 2 Gb
HDD (SSD): 30 Gb
IP addreses: 1 x IPv4
Access: Root
Server Location: Ukraine

VPS-L Hosting
vCPU: 3 cores
RAM: 3 Gb
HDD (SSD): 40 Gb
IP addreses: 2 x IPv4
Access: Root
Server Location: Ukraine

VPS-XL Hosting
vCPU: 4 cores
RAM: 4 Gb
HDD (SSD): 60 Gb
IP addreses: 2 x IPv4
Access: Root
Server Location: Ukraine

Payment methods!
You can use one of the most popular payment systems, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether or VISA/MasterCard, LiqPay, Bank Transfer with VAT is possible for corporate clients from Ukraine, SWIFT

Server installation timing: Server installation time – 1 to 5 hours. It depends on the workload of the technical service. A minimum contract period is 1 month.

*The return policy does not extend to cases of violation of the rules for using the services of 3v-hosting described in the corresponding section of the website, namely: Storage and distribution of child pornography, spamming, hacking attempts, flooding and other illegal actions that are recognized as such in Ukraine and the EU.

Additional options
Additional IP address:       5$
Additional 1Gb RAM:       10$
Additional Storage 5Gb:     10$
BGP network announcing:       30$
Control Panel – CPanel:       20$

Why Choose US?

Server configuration
Since it is impossible to describe all the variety of configuration options, we presented only the 4 most popular ones on the website. In fact, you can order a server of any configuration and for any needs, and our experts will assemble and install a ready to go server in the shortest time possible.

To ensure the provision of high-quality and continuous technical support we have a staff of qualified system and network administrators who will help you solve any problem or answer any of your questions 24/7. A large variety of communication channels allows for maximum customer accessibility to a technician of our company. You can contact us directly from the Contact Us page or in any other way specified on the same page.

All our servers are connected to the network at a speed of up to 1 Gbit/s. This allows you to send and receive vast arrays of information per unit of time, which is essential for normal functioning of high load websites and services. We offer one or more “white” IPs and our network administrators will help you configure BGP sessions, if required for your application.

If you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT US!
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