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Author Topic: Tips on How to test the quality of a hosting service  (Read 2355 times)


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Tips on How to test the quality of a hosting service
« on: December 19, 2020, 04:11:42 PM »
Apart from the good content and design of a website, loading time and uptime are also important. Because any website is hosted by a hosting service it has much effect on the performance of the website. There are several criteria to measure the performance of the web hosting service as follows.

1. Speed
Interactive speed and loading speed of a website greatly impact the first impression for visitors. Slow loading website may lead to higher bounce rate and lower search engine ranking. Speed of a website depends on many factors such as hosting quality, scripts, images quantity and size.

2. Uptime
Uptime is very important. Don't miss out on business opportunities by choosing low quality hosting. Most hosting that are too cheap often oversell their servers resource. This could lead to low uptime. Remember that every downtime no visitor can access your website leading to loss of business opportunities. Therefore, you have to choose a hosting provider with at least 99% uptime. You can measure the uptime of your website by installing a host tracker on your website.

3. Space & Bandwidth
ฺBoth space and bandwidth affect the performance of a site. If space or bandwidth is used up then the website is not accessible. You need to choose a hosting package with enough space and bandwidth with reasonable price to let your site run smoothly. If it is not enough then it is time to upgrade your hosting plan or move to another web hosting provider.

4. Service
This is very important. The service of a web hosting provider needs to be competent and 24/7. If your hosting provider doesn't reply ticket and solve your problem fast enough then it is time to consider moving to another host.
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