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What e-shop in Europe is nice for buying quadrocopeters?


Hey guys,
would like to make a notion of the market in Europe for buying professional quadrocopters.
What should I consider before final order?
found and their pricing for different models look quite good.
What are your views? Any feedbacks please?

I definitely recommend you to choose QUADROCOPTER ALPHA 110 FPV offered by

The Graupner Alpha 110 is at the forefront of small-scale quadcopters. Fly with friends or use little Alpha as a training machine. The FPV version allows you to fly in 1 perspective, while the built-in camera transmits a perfectly sharp image. Despite its small size, the 110ka is a developed multicopter, thanks to the already proven multicopter software and the GR-18 gyroscopic receiver.

You can choose this model: Inspire 1 PRO (with single Remote Controller) (DJI0610)

Will recommend e-shop to my friends for ordering quadrocopters at good rates.

The advanced control system makes the Inspire 1 stable and easy to operate when flying under a roof or wide sky. Brand new Vision Positioning Systemallows precise hanging in the desired position at low altitude even without GPS. Like all flight control systems, DJI allows automatic return to the take-off site if the control signal is lost or the battery voltage drops.

I have seen only positive feedbacks about e-store in Europe. They offer so many cool drone models.
I recommend you Yuneec Mantis QX Pack Lite - it is a compact, foldable drone that you can store in a small backpack with the help of folding arms.


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