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Author Topic: Get SSD VPS deals, Deploy a VPS for Free with a $25 Credit!  (Read 1951 times)


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Are you ready to take the next step in high performance? Deploy your SSD VPS within seconds, sign up now!

If you are looking for speed, reliability and performance that doesn’t compromise on security, then you are in the right place. has been offering hosting services, VPS and dedicated servers since 2005. Our headquarters are in Netherlands but we have data centers in 15 centers across the globe. We strive to ensure that all our customers get access to reliable and fast SSD VPS and Bare Metal servers.

Instant deployment worldwide. Save time and money with our cloud computing services. No matter where you are in the world, deploy an instance of our cloud computing instantly and enjoy the flexibility that comes with reliable cloud computing. With Intel CPUs and SSD storage, you can be sure of reliable and unmatched performance on all deployed instances. Couple this with our feature-filled control interface and you’ll be unstoppable! At Hostingking, we are all about enabling you to reap the full benefits of cloud computing.

Check out Flexible VPS configurations sized for any application:

1 Core - Core
0.5 GB - Memory
20 GB SSD - Hard Disk
1 TB - Bandwidth
Price - $7.00/mo - ORDER NOW

4 Core  - Core
1 GB - Memory
25 GB SSD - Hard Disk
3 TB - Bandwidth
Price - $14.00/mo - ORDER NOW

4 Core - Core
2 GB - Memory
50 GB SSD - Hard Disk
4 TB - Bandwidth
Price - $20.00/mo - ORDER NOW

4 Core - Core
4 GB - Memory
100 GB SSD - Hard Disk
5 TB - Bandwidth
Price - $40.00/mo - ORDER NOW

4 Core - Core
8 GB - Memory
200 GB SSD - Hard Disk
6 TB - Bandwidth
Price - $80.00/mo - ORDER NOW

4 Core - Core
16 GB - Memory
400 GB SSD - Hard Disk
7 TB - Bandwidth
Price - $150.00/mo - ORDER NOW

4 Core - Core
24 GB - Memory
500 GB SSD - Hard Disk
8 TB - Bandwidth
Price - $200.00/mo - ORDER NOW

4 Core  - Core
32 GB - Memory
500 GB SSD - Hard Disk
10 TB - Bandwidth
Price - $250.00/mo - ORDER NOW

Why Choose US?
  • Activate in minutes, online 24x7 - Hit the ground running with our fast and easy setup process. A few clicks and your server is active!
  • 15 low latency locations - Pick a data center that is close to you and enjoy fast response times and a local presence.
  • 100% SLA guaranteed - Get unparalleled availability with our SLA backed uptime guarantee.
  • Solid-state drives - With our SSD VPS and Bare Metal servers, you get to enjoy fast read and write speeds and high reliability.
  • Powerful infrastructure - Our servers are built using modern and powerful infrastructure. With Intel CPUs and SSDs for storage, performance is guaranteed.
  • Feature-rich control panel - Configure your server on an intuitive and feature rich control panel with all bells and whistles.
  • Root administrator access - Get limitless control and full power to customize and place everything just where you want it.
  • Easy billing - With our straightforward and easy to understand billing, you never have to worry about paying for resources you don’t need.
Have questions? Please review our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact US.

Our Location: Zekeringstraat 41D, 1014BV Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0)20-3100-570