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Author Topic: Best WordPress Hosting Provider in India – Hostdens India!  (Read 3103 times)


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Best WordPress Hosting Provider in India – Hostdens India!


Sign up for Best WordPress Hosting Plans offered by Hostdens – India! And get world class resources, which are developed to fulfill your WordPress website’ requirements. Try to host your web WordPress website with us, we guarantee you that you will not regret it!

•   Free Domain Name - No
•   Web Space - Unlimited
•   Monthly Bandwidth - Unlimited
•   Sites hosted - 1
•   Sub Domains - 15
•   Parked Domains - 5
•   MySQL Databases - 5
•   Mailing Lists - 10
•   RAM - 1 GB
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•   Free Domain Name - No
•   Web Space - Unlimited
•   Monthly Bandwidth - Unlimited
•   Sites hosted - 10
•   Sub Domains - 50
•   Parked Domains - 25
•   MySQL Databases - 25
•   Mailing Lists - 50
•   RAM - 3 GB
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•   Free Domain Name - Yes
•   Web Space - Unlimited
•   Monthly Bandwidth - Unlimited
•   Sites hosted - Unlimited
•   Sub Domains - Unlimited
•   Parked Domains - Unlimited
•   MySQL Databases - Unlimited
•   Mailing Lists - Unlimited
•   RAM - 5 GB
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Instant Setup
Easy usability
Value for money
24 x 7 customer service
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Re: Best WordPress Hosting Provider in India – Hostdens India!
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2019, 08:55:08 PM »
Choosing Best WordPress Hosting For Your Blog

There are many different things you should figure out before selecting hosting for your WordPress blog. Here are few important things you should consider before choosing random WordPress hosting provider.

Web Server Location

If you choose the USA as web server location, it will take a longer time to load the site from India. If your most of your visitors are from the USA, you should choose the USA as the server location for your WordPress blog. In addition, search engines sometimes use the location of the web server to make presumptions about the location of the business behind the website. If you know where your visitors come from, it's better to choose the server location there or near.

Technical Support

Technical support is a must-have especially when you are a non-tech person. Tech support can be your savior when needed to perform server tasks like software updates, module installation, backup, server load and many more.

Some web hosting company only offer email support. This can take more time to get you a response. When you have a serious technical problem, you need an immediate response from support team. Choose a web host that offers phone support, Skype support, as you will be getting the faster response. Find out at what times technical support is available. For this reason, 24x7x365 technical support can be a good selling point.

Backup Service

If your WordPress blog does not generate revenue or traffic, you can backup yourself rather than spending money on this. You can start using WordPress Plugins for Backup, there are already many.

If your blog starts to grow, Backup service on Hosting Service is Highly recommended. Depending on how much you are paying for the service, the web host will have one or more backup strategies to deal with faults. It's up to you on how much you want to spend on backup service.

Web Hosting Speed

When you start to get more hits on your website, the server becomes busy affecting the load speed of all websites hosted on it. 1 Second is always ahead of 2 seconds. It doesn't matter how fast you experience when you browse your website on your device but, it matters a lot for the search engine robots.

WordPress Hosting Price

WordPress hosting can cost anything from $2 per month to $500 per month. Cost depends on the server configuration, bandwidth, and the services. Start from minimum price whatever hosting company you select, but make sure they have the flexible pricing model. Pay as you go hosting providers is recommended.