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Http:// host down how do I recover my website and Data? HELP


I need help contacting the owners of iclicksters which 3 days ago went down and I cannot get a hold of no one to see how could I download all my data from their host

I have had hosting with for nearly 10 years..
and it went down.. all I want is my website back and the data.. no drama.. But I need my information.. its a funeral company and I need to have the registered deceased there..

all I know is the support email and the owners email.. both no reply at all
iClickster Web Hosting <>
Selman Ijaz <>

I also checked the whois information

aparently the owner is MESH DIGITAL LIMITED also know which is functioning..

I any clues of how to get my website and data back?... Please anyone that can send me in the right direction please.. thanks

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