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Has anyone had a good experience with a dedicated hosting company??

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Hello all,

Has anyone had a good experience with a dedicated hosting company that uses gentoo? I need to buy a dedicated server for a customer of mine, and I would like to use gentoo on it. I have a server with and they have been less than stellar as far as support goes. I have had 3 seperate day-long downtimes with them since September. These were all caused by "hardware".

I have also looked at seven networks, and they seem a bit pricey. Charging for extra ram every month seems dumb to me. I hope someone out there has found a good gentoo host. Keep in mind, I want a dedicated server, not web-hosting.

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

Web Video Animation Studio

Thank you.

If your website has high traffic, which caters to visitors coming from different locations, then it becomes essentially important for you to host your website on a dedicated server. You gain a large number of benefits when you migrate to a dedicated server from a shared one. By having a dedicated server, you hold the total command of your resources that you need for business, the hardware choice and also you get the freedom to install any kind of server.

You need to select a hosting provider that is offering the best-quality infrastructure facilities by keeping the costs low. Suppose your basic set of requirements include- uptime, availability, faster page uploads, etc, then your hosting provider needs to be experienced and hold a good reputation in the hosting industry. It should be agile enough to adapt your changing business demands.

WHUK is the one-stop solution for all your services and the servers housed by WHUK are built with the best hardware and hosted on Tier-3 Datacenters. WHUK guarantees you an uptime of 99.99% with assured faster page uploads. WHUK offers a large and diversified number of plans for your servers at a very affordable price.

With WHUK, your business gets enabled with a dedicated IP address as well as privacy. The team at WHUK, is committed to secure your servers with firewalls and anti-malware solutions. Their proactive support team is available round the clock over phone, emails and live chat window.

Unlike the other hosting models, dedicated hosting services are designed to supply increased reliableness, security, convenience and higher business performance. The straightforward reason for it's that this sort of server is dedicated exclusively for one customer. The apply of sharing the server and resources isn't seen here. this implies you may not run the danger of falling wanting resources and may sustain any sort of traffic pressures.

With Apps4Rent dedicated server hosting plan for a startup, you'll be able to get the added edges of security as we tend to defend your server with built-in firewalls, and regularly scan your machines for any spam and malware activities. Apps4Rent provide data backup and proactive observation to confirm there's no part failure that would produce disturbance to your web site performance.


good info.  ;D

Even I have some of my Virtual Desktops hosted with Apps4Rent. They have been good with all things i.e. support, service, up-time, etc. One can go with them anytime.


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