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bithost solutions?

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 Greetings! How quality and fast are hosting solutions that provide?
I need a stable fast cloud solutions accepting bitcoins, any recommendations available?
Are there any reviews of them?

How much disk space and bandwidth does your site require?
What is your monthly budget?

I think that is one of the best options for getting affordable bitcoin web hosting solutions.
Great cheap service and easy too use. The interface is easy to use and suitable for beginners.
I feel fortunate to have found them and recommend them highly.

For sure service are providing ability to get digitalocean based hosting solutions and pay for them with bitcoins and billing is hourly. Perfect option for apps testing and other similar tasks.

 I am sure will satisfy any webmasters needs. You will get digitaloceans' awesome hosting but with the ability to pay in Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Litecoin, plans are delivered in minutes.

  I'd like to admit that reselled plans are stable and have attractive pricing, accept crypto currencies on hourly billing. You won't regret of using them.


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