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Author Topic: Reliable GlowHost Managed Cloud Servers| cPanel| Block Storage Space, Good price  (Read 382 times)


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Looking for Reliable Managed Cloud Server?

GlowHost is a managed cloud server provider that specializes in extremely reliable, affordable servers and high availability server clusters for the public sector, private sector, government and educational sectors. GlowHost has been in the hosting business since 2002. Cloud Virtual Machine hosting packages offer many features not available on a traditional Virtual Private Server (VPS). Cloud servers are completely managed, but you still have root access to tinker. They include Redundant Block Storage and the cloud server floats across many physical machines, complete with Dedicated Memory and Dedicated Compute Power and no bleed-over from other tenants in the cloud cluster. They come pre-configured and optimized with Cloud Linux and cPanel/WHM control panel or choose the OS of your choice. Cloud hosting is perfect for sites that require the ultimate in high-performance, speed, stability, isolation from others, and full management services 24/7/365. Say goodbye to a single point of failure forever when you go with our Managed Cloud Servers.

Server Management Services are included with every Managed Cloud Server when you signup today and choose cPanel control panel at checkout. Simple recurring monthly billing terms make budgeting easy with no unexpected billing surprises like those associated with hourly cloud billing or complicated usage-based cloud services like AWS or 95th percentile billing. Your data is replicated in a block storage pool which not only protects your data, it speeds up loading times. Your cloud virtual machine is also replicated across many redundant physical servers to provide the horsepower you need at any given time and avoids a single point of failure. Fully customizable hardware specs are available should the need arise to scale up or down, so you can add or remove disk space, RAM and CPU easily and without downtime or reboots.

Check Managed Cloud Servers:

Cloud VDS Lite
compute Cores - Dual Core Intel Xeon
Compute Speed - 4.8 GHz
Block Storage Space - 20 Gigs x4 Redundant Block Storage
Transfer Option A - Unlimited Data @ 100 Mbps
Transfer Option B - 1000 Gigs @ 1000 Mbps
Dedicated RAM - 2 GB
IP Addresses - 2 Included (extra IPs $2.00/mo)
Price - $49.95/mo

Cloud VDS Medium
compute Cores - Quad Core Intel Xeon
Compute Speed - 9.6 GHz
Block Storage Space - 40 Gigs x4 Redundant Block Storage
Transfer Option A - Unlimited Data @ 100 Mbps
Transfer Option B - 2000 Gigs @ 1000 Mbps
Dedicated RAM - 4 GB
IP Addresses - 2 Included (extra IPs $2.00/mo)
Price - $99.95/mo

Cloud VDS Heavy
Compute Cores - Hex Core Intel Xeon
Compute Speed - 14.4 GHz
Block Storage Space - 60 Gigs x4 Redundant Block Storage
Transfer Option A - Unlimited Data @ 100 Mbps
Transfer Option B - 1000 Gigs @ 1000 Mbps
Dedicated RAM - 6 GB
IP Addresses - 2 Included (extra IPs $2.00/mo)
Price - $149.95/mo

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Contact Us! If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread. For the fastest service, please contact us via our helpdesk ticketing system or call our toll free number for answers to all of your technical needs. Our target response time is 20 minutes via ticket, and you will be immediately communicating with systems administrators and qualified sales specialists directly when using the ticketing option.

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