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Author Topic: Simple Way to create an FTP Account In cPanel?  (Read 579 times)

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Simple Way to create an FTP Account In cPanel?
« on: January 12, 2023, 06:56:30 AM »
To create an FTP account do perform the following steps :

First you have to login to your CPanel and access the FTP accounts tool at the top of the tool you will see the interface to create an FTP account

Then to create :
 1. Enter the desired user name in the login text box
 2. Select the desired domain name from the domain menu
 3. Enter and confirm the new password in the appropriate text box
 4. Then Enter the FTP Account home directory
 5. Enter the disk space quota or select unlimited
 6. Then click create FTP account. The new account will appear in the FTP Accounts.

Hope this was helpful!!!