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Author Topic: The Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing for 2022  (Read 151 times)


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The Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing for 2022
« on: November 15, 2022, 03:10:11 PM »
According to video production services in the USA, In the first half of January 2022, OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, generated over $2.7 billion.

A number of brands jumped in to capitalize on the success of NFTs by launching their own NFTs as the supply of non-fungible tokens increased as a result of the rise in popularity of NFTs.

Due to the sudden influx of NFTs, specialized NFT marketing firms have emerged to promote NFT goods and services.

The best NFT marketing tactics for promoting your digital assets are shared in this guide to NFT marketing. Save this NFT marketing check list so you can access it at any time.

Let's start!

An NFT is what?

NFTs, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), are digital assets that grant you ownership of unique digital collectibles like artwork, music, and videos.

NFTs are not interchangeable or tradable because they are based on blockchain technology. Each NFT is distinct, and the purchaser is the sole owner of the non-fungible tokens.

NFTs have been around since 2014, but they only gained popularity in 2021 after an expensive digital piece called "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" by American graphic designer Beeple fetched $69.3 million.


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Re: The Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing for 2022
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是當時更多的是供電公司股股份個 壯陽藥