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General Web Hosting / Re: How important is the location of the host?
« on: December 20, 2019, 11:44:13 AM »
For me its very important, I have most of my customers in US, I have previously tried UK web hosting company, google ranking wise my site failed a lot, later I switched to Apps4Rent

From the plethora of benefits offered by the Hosting QuickBooks on Cloud  here are some:-

Global accessibility- You get anywhere, anytime access through the QB desktop hosting allowing you and your employees to work from anywhere. So with QuickBooks desktop hosting, you don’t have restrictions on the accessibility.

Multi-user access- The multi-user access is a vital part of the hosted QB features. With this feature, you can allow your employees to work on the same company file and edit it with real time updates. This enhances the collaboration between employees and allows them to work as a team.

Bank level security- With QuickBooks desktop hosting, safety of your data gets enhanced. You get bank level security with QuickBooks desktop hosting as the cloud is a fully secured platform with various authentication levels and encrypted data feature.

24/7 technical support- IT issues are completely wiped out through the QB desktop hosting. The hosting provider offers round the clock technical support for their clients without any additional charges. The team of IT support staff includes highly skilled and trained professionals who have mastered the art of quality customer support.

Economical- The QB desktop is also a pocket-friendly solution for small and medium sized businesses as in addition to being effective it also comes at an economical price. Thus, opting for QB desktop hosting won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

General Web Hosting / Re: What is PHP and What are its Applications?
« on: December 13, 2019, 04:43:05 PM »
PHP is a very popular open source programming language and is widely used to build internet based websites and systems. Originally, the acronym PHP meant Personal Home Page, but it was changed to be a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, which could be translated literally as a hypertext preprocessor. As its name suggests, the PHP script is rendered on the server, and only static content (such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and others) is sent to the user’s browser.

Uses of php:

We can create static or dynamic websites using php.
Php is server side run time interpreted language and it is easy to learn.
It is an open source and free to use.
It supports all database structures like Oracle, SQL, MySQL etc.
Some of the frameworks like word press, la-ravel, woo commerce etc. built up with php.
It can be supports cross platform system so we can built php application in any operating system.

Comparing dedicated servers from and, which account would you advise me to try and why?

If you want to buy Best Dedicated Server Hosting at affordable price than there are many companies in the web hosting industry which provide Dedicated Server Hosting but Apps4Rent believe in offering fast, reliable, secure and stable Cheapest Dedicated Server for all types of needs of our customers. Fast loading websites and quick response times are key parameters for success of any website and online business.

Including These Features:

· Most trusted servers for high-performance

· Proven to boost SEO with dedicated IP

· Full-proof secure servers with DDoS protection

· 99% Server Uptime

· 24×7 Unlimited Ticket Support

· 24/7/365 Technical Support

· Instant Provisioning

General Web Hosting / Re: Why do I need a Disaster Recovery solution?
« on: September 24, 2019, 03:58:11 PM »
You buy insurance to protect your business financially against losses, but insurance can’t replace valuable data and the key applications that make your business work. To protect these items, you must plan ahead, creating a plan to restore your data when it is lost. Consider these five situations that could strike your business.

Natural Disasters

Mother Nature can be cruel. Storms, fires, and floods can all do irreparable damage to your business. Without a disaster recovery plan in place, you may find it extremely difficult to resume operations, putting the future of your company in jeopardy. 80% of companies that close for more than 5 days never reopen, so getting back on your feet is crucial in the event of a natural disaster.

Hardware Failure
Whether from a power surge or other cause, if your hardware fails it can take all your data with it. While you can take steps to protect your hardware with cooling systems, power surge protectors, and other technology, it is essential to regularly back-up your data. Using a cloud-based or off-site storage can add additional protections, as it is unlikely both locations will be struck at the same time. Your disaster recovery plan should include these steps, to ward off the potential data loss that could occur.

Human Errors

No one is perfect, and that includes you and your employees. Forgetting to save changes, accidentally deleting an important document, or flipping the wrong switch could lead to a significant loss for your company. Training programs can help reduce errors, but the only way to keep your business truly safe from a data loss due to human error is to back-up data regularly.

Cyber Crimes

Unfortunately, cyber crimes are on the rise and most businesses are affected at some point. A virus or ransomware attack could hold your data hostage, grinding your business to a halt and causing massive profit losses. Your disaster recovery plan should include steps to recover from a hacking attempt, keeping your data safe and accessible.

Customer Service

Ultimately, you need a disaster recover y plan to provide your customers the service they have come to expect from you. If your business must shut down, or has a prolonged service interruption, you could lose valuable customers to a competitor. The faster you can get back on your feet, the happier your clients will be.


I am looking for more info about these hosts - and and I wonder which plan is the best for hosting a blog?

Here are four simple steps that can help you find the right web host for you:

1. Figure out your website needs
What will you be doing with your website? The right web host will support the platforms or building tools you need to create the website you want, as well as provide your site with adequate storage, speed, and reliability. For example, do you need to process online payments? Are you writing a blog or creating a visual gallery?

Some web hosts offer tools and infrastructure that specialize in particular types of websites or functionality. One that works for somebody else might not be the right fit for you, so make sure to find a web host that really meets your particular needs.

2. Consider your website-building and bundling options
Are you building your own website, or looking to use a DIY website builder like Wix or Squarespace? Consider whether or not you want your services bundled.

Web hosting and website builder combined: Many web-building services also offer hosting. This allows you to build your website and get hosting as part of the package. Examples of website builders that also offer web hosting include include Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify and Blogger. Google Domains partners with all of these combined web hosts and builders.

3. Compare key factors

Price of signup and renewal: In addition to the cost of signup, be sure to check for renewal rates and skim the fine print for any hidden fees or obligations.
Technical needs: Make sure the web host and site builder you choose meets all of your site requirements, and also check for things you may want or need in the future, such as:
Management settings and ease-of-use: Think about who will be doing the bulk of the site management—such as updating site content—you or a web professional?
Support services: How important is it that someone is available 24/7? Are you comfortable with email, phone, and/or chat support?
Customization: Will you be able to create customize and update the site as you’d like?
Ease-of-setup: How fast can you get your new site online?
Cancellation policy: Is there any red tape or fine print that looks iffy?


To view bandwidth usage for each of your cPanel accounts:

Log into your WHM
Click “View Bandwidth Usage”, which is under the “Account Information” heading in the left menu
A list of your accounts will be listed, and the bandwidth usage for the current month can be seen under “Xfer (in Megs)”. You can also view usage for other months by clicking the “Last Month” and “Next Month” links.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) / Re: VPS which is suitable for me ...
« on: September 23, 2019, 07:31:06 PM »
VPS deals which and provide are attractive for me and I wonder which way is better to have a deal with to host a blog?

A VPS is a great solution as you’ll be able to fully customize it according to your needs. But expertise in server administration will be necessary (otherwise you’ll need a managed VPS which is less cost-effective for small websites). So if you don’t want to bother with server administration, a shared hosting is more preferable for you website


Virtual Private Server (VPS) / Re: VPS at affordable prices
« on: September 23, 2019, 07:27:41 PM » and VPS accounts are solid and attractive for me and I have to pick out the right one, which is that?

Following features you must look for before choosing Windows VPS hosting:
(i) 100% dedicated Resources
(ii) Full Administrator Access
(iii) C Panel/Plesk control panel
(iv) Latest technologies updated like IIS, ASP. NET, PHP, FrontPage Extensions, etc.
(v) Easy VPS Upgrades
(vi) Affordable Price
(vii) Powerful hardware
(viii) Unbeatable Support


I need your help regarding the choice of reliable host offering quality Windows VPS hosting plans based in UK
I've found the host called - they offer 99.99% uptime and attractive deals.

I need 60 gbs of HD, 2 GB of RAM and 2 TB of data transfer, Windows

Do you think they are trustworthy and reliable? Where can I read customer hosting reviews about them?

Windows VPS hosting is a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses. It is the most popular hosting solution selected by numerous organisations. Windows VPS provides the similar benefits of dedicated hosting and low cost of shared hosting. Windows VPS is the most efficient and cost-effective hosting solution related to technology. In Windows VPS, the VPS uses Windows as its operating system and Windows OS is widely used compared to Linux because of their reliable functions.

If you are looking for the cheap and best windows VPS hosting packages, then Apps4Rent will be the right platform. Their windows VPS plans come with extraordinary features at an affordable cost. There have numerous windows VPS plans to meet the requirement of all kinds of applications to be hosted.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) / Re: VPS which is Wordpress-friendly
« on: September 20, 2019, 01:37:43 PM »
VPS accounts from and are attractive for me and need to know which plan is the best for hosting a Wordpress blog?

If you use WordPress for blog writing, website developing, you can host your website with any basic hosting service like shared or WordPress. These type of hosting services are very affordable as compared to other hosting services.
But, if you have a large website and a huge amount of traffic on your website. Then you should go with VPS server hosting for it. A VPS server provides enough bandwidth, large size of hard drive and high speed. So, you can easily host your large website and maintain your website traffic.

For VPS and other all type of hosting services, I would personally recommend you to choose Apps4Rent hosting provider.
They offer managed VPS hosting plans that are available in multiple sizes with various technical components, all based on cloud infrastructure with built-in SSD storage.


General Web Hosting / Re: Do you know any professional web hosting provider?
« on: September 20, 2019, 01:33:33 PM »
There are many aspects to consider when choosing a hosting provider, and the process can seem overwhelming at first. That’s why we’ve listed out the 15 most important questions to ask when evaluating a hosting provider:

1.   How Reliable Are the Host’s Servers?
2.   Is It Easy to Upgrade Your Plan?
3.   Can You Easily Add a Domain?
4.   Are There Significant Differences in the Sign-Up and Renewal Costs?
5.   Does the Host Have a Generous Refund Policy?
6.   Is There a One-Click Installer?
7.   Will Your Host Provide Email Addresses for Your Domain?
8.   Will You Have Easy SFTP Access?
9.   How Difficult Is It to Find and Edit . htaccess?
10.   What E-Commerce Features Are Included (If Any)?
11.   Can You Easily Navigate and Use the Control Panel?
12.   Are SSL Certificates Included?
13.   How Often Will You Have to Renew Your Subscription?
14.   Does the Web Host Offer Easy Site Backups?
15.   Can You Quickly Access Support 24/7?


Cloud Web Hosting / Re: Windows cloud hosting services?
« on: September 19, 2019, 09:04:56 PM »
Need over 80 gbs of disk space. Linux + 24/7 tech help (in Switzerland)
Linux, 3 TB of bandwidth + helpful and skillful technical customer support.
What can you say about Windows VPS hosting services?
What hosting provider would you choose? Why?

Choosing a hosting service should determine the project you want to create. There are many hosting companies. Each of the companies has its advantages but also its drawbacks :). I think that first of all you need to determine what project you want to create and match your hosting company and service.

The selection criteria that I am guided by are:

- support operation

- efficient service

- server stability

- no limits

- free SSL certificate

Also, I pay attention to the form of communication between the company and clients and whether they have a flexible approach to the client. The latter usually offer smaller companies, not large corporations.


General Web Hosting / Re: Best Hosting Provider for Streaming video?
« on: September 19, 2019, 09:02:32 PM »
Need over 100 gbs of disk space. Streaming Video support.
Linux, 3 TB of bandwidth + helpful and skillful technical customer support. + Upgrade to more resourceful package.
What can you say about web hosting services?
Any feedbacks, reviews on the quality of their hosting?
What host is better?

Video websites has alot of visual content to display. The time of streaming and availability of video content on time and handling the number of users is the main thing for a video website host. You need to use Caching system like varnish and CDN System. You have to careful while choosing a hosting provider at is giving all the perks on one click.


General Web Hosting / Re: Help me to make a right choice please ...
« on: September 19, 2019, 09:00:19 PM »
I think some points are valuable to validate about Web hosting Service.

1.From my point of view its comes in the list of some best hosting provider.

2 .Its 24*7 Service is nice

3 Its provide Best uptime for your site which is a major plus point for any website.

4 Its Reliable genuine low cost plans are nice.


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