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VPS hosting from BlueVPS — your reliable choice!
Have you outgrown your first web hosting package? Are now looking for a good VPS hosting? You’ve come to the right place! BlueVPS provides the best VPS hosting for your money — and we mean it!

Guaranteed resource availability due to bKVM virtualization
Unlimited VPS means unlimited resources that scale to meet your needs
Full control over your VPS server
Secure SSH and VNC access
99.9% uptime guarantee
No hidden fees, no oversell, no contracts. Cancel anytime.
OS support for Linux and Windows 10, 2012, 2016, 2019
15 low latency locations across the globe
All our VPS run on SSDs for high performance
High write, read and I/O speed for your needs

VPS server hosting from BlueVPS is the way to go, as you select the resource package you need for the price you can afford. Most importantly, with BlueVPS your VPS server can grow with your business, so you will never experience resource shortage!
BlueVPS hosting benefits

Here are 4 key benefits of renting VPS hosting from BlueVPS:
Presence in 15 data centers across the globe. Host your products close to your target audience to minimize latency!
Time-proven KVM virtualization technology granting seamless and reliable performance for Linux and Windows-based systems with 100% availability of the resources in your package
Unlimited bandwidth on 1 Gbps port with each plan, so any numbers of customers will access your products or services without lags
Long-term discounts! When renting any VPS server package for 6, 12 or more months, the monthly fee is lowered!

There are additional useful services you get for granted with BlueVPS:
Instant setup in any of our locations
Secure SSH and VNC access to your VPS servers
Colocation of your equipment with us
Wide variety of control panels and CMS solutions available
10 pre-installed frameworks like Laravel, RoR or Django
24/7 customer support

Our data center locations:
USA (Latisys and DFcolo),
Canada (Cologix),
UK (Interxion),
France (OVH),
Germany (Myloc, OVH),
NL (Switchdc),
Sweden (Portlane),
Poland (Equinix),
Cyprus (Cl8),
HongKong (Tele-Asia)

Order the best VPS hosting from BlueVPS now!

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