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General Web Hosting / What is Desktop as a Service?
« on: October 05, 2020, 09:31:00 AM »
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud computing offering where a service provider delivers remote virtual desktop to end users over the Internet, licensed with a per-user subscription.

The provider takes care of backend management for small businesses that find creating their own virtual desktop infrastructure to be too expensive or resource-consuming. This management typically includes maintenance, back-up, updates, and data storage. Cloud service providers may also handle security and applications for the desktop, or users may manage these service aspects individually. There are two kinds of desktops are available in DaaS—persistent and non-persistent.

Persistent desktop: Users have the ability to customize and save a desktop so it will look the same way each time a particular user logs on. Persistent desktops require more storage than non-persistent desktops, which can make them more expensive.
Non-persistent desktop: Desktops are wiped each time the user logs out—they are merely a way to access shared cloud services.

Advantages of Desktop as a Service"-
Desktop as a Service offers some clear advantages over a traditional desktop model. Deploying or decommissioning active end users with DaaS is much faster and less expensive.
Faster deployment and decommissioning of active end users: The desktop is already configured, it just needs to be connected to a new device. For seasonal businesses that consistently experience spikes and drops in demand or employees, DaaS can save a lot of time and money.
Reduced downtime for IT support: Desktop as a Service also allows companies to provide remote IT support to their employees, reducing downtime.
Cost savings: Because the devices that run DaaS require much less computing power than a traditional desktop machine or laptop, they are less expensive and use less power.
Increased device flexibility: DaaS runs on a variety of operating systems and device types, which supports the trend of users bringing their own devices into the office and shifts the burden of supporting the desktop on all of those devices to the cloud service provider.
Enhanced security: Because the data is stored in the data center with DaaS, security risks are considerably lower. If a laptop or mobile device is stolen, it can simply be disconnected from the service. Since none of the data lives on that stolen device, the risk of a thief accessing sensitive data is minimal. Security patches and updates are also easier to install in a DaaS environment because all of the desktops can be updated simultaneously from a remote location.

Hope this information is helpful to you
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General Web Hosting / What is a SharePoint migration?
« on: October 05, 2020, 09:19:46 AM »
SharePoint migration is the process of making existing content accessible in SharePoint or Office 365. Generally, this means copying, or “migrating”, content from a source environment—such as file shares, SharePoint Server, Box, or Google Drive—to any version of SharePoint or SharePoint Online.

Employees today want tools that make them more productive and engaged. The integrated productivity apps in Office 365 enable your organization to benefit from new methods of collaboration—empowering employees to be creative and work together, securely.

Hope this information is helpful to you
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General Web Hosting / what are the Benefits of virtual desktop?
« on: October 05, 2020, 09:10:06 AM »
There are many advantages to a virtual desktop environment:

Security: One way in which remote virtual desktop can be superior to physical desktop machines is security. Data is stored in the data center and not on individual endpoint machines, which can allow for greater data security. If an endpoint device is stolen, it does not contain any data for thieves to access.
Flexibility: For organizations with a flexible workforce, virtual desktops have a clear advantage. IT administrators can quickly and easily allocate virtual desktops without the need to provision expensive physical machines to users who might only need them for a short time.
Cost: Because virtual desktops require less physical equipment and maintenance, they can be more cost-effective than physical desktops.
Easy management: An IT department can easily manage a large number of far-flung virtual desktops from a central location. Software updates are faster and easier because they can be done all at once instead of machine by machine using a windows virtual server.
Computing power: Thin clients are all that are needed for virtual desktops because the computing power for the desktops is coming from a powerful data center.

Hope this information is helpful to you
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General Web Hosting / What is QuickBooks hosting?
« on: October 03, 2020, 08:56:19 AM »
QuickBooks Hosting (also known as QuickBooks Cloud or Hosted QuickBooks) refers to the installation of QuickBooks Desktop version on the network server hosted over the internet to enable access via a web browser from any location. Simply put, data and files in a Hosted QuickBooks can be accessed by the authenticated user from anywhere, anytime, without installing it on a local machine.

Here is how QuickBooks on cloud works:

Licensed copies of QuickBooks are installed on the server of a service provider.
The QuickBooks user is provided access to the server over the Internet with certain configurations:
– Proper security steps are deployed to secure the application
– Connectivity between the end-user device and the server is accomplished using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that can be configured to login as the desired user.
– Server is customized to be accessed from any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.) working on different Operating Systems/platforms (Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, etc.)
The user can access and work on QuickBooks via a web browser (like Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.) or RDP shortcut. The rest of the UI, features, and other functionalities remain same as of QB Desktop.
All the changes made on hosted QuickBooks are saved automatically and will appear to all authorized users.

Hope this information was helpful to you.
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