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For your friend's VPS hosting needs, DedicatedCore offers reliable and high-performance options that meet your specified requirements. Here are two plans that provide ample storage, excellent uptime, easy-to-use control panels, and great support.

Premium NVME Hosting Platform (USA)

CPU: 2 x 4.5GHz (High-End)
Storage: 70 GB NVME
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Delivery Time: Fast
Location: USA Server
Price: $8.99/month

This plan offers 70 GB of NVME storage, far exceeding the 30 GB minimum requirement. The high-end CPU and 2 GB of RAM ensure robust performance and reliability, contributing to excellent uptime. The unlimited bandwidth and fast delivery time mean your friend can start using the service almost immediately. Additionally, DedicatedCore is known for its responsive support team, ensuring any urgent tickets are handled promptly, often within 2 hours.

cPanel-L4 Plan

Storage: 40 GB SSD
Bandwidth: 3800 GB
Control Panel: cPanel
Delivery Time: 4 Hours
Price: $32.39/month

The cPanel-L4 plan provides an easy-to-use cPanel interface, making server management straightforward. With 40 GB of SSD storage and 4 GB of RAM, this plan offers more than enough resources for your friend's needs. The generous 3800 GB bandwidth ensures that traffic demands are easily met. This plan is slightly more expensive but includes cPanel for easier management and comes with DedicatedCore top-notch support and quick turnaround time for urgent issues.

UK-EX2 Plan

CPU: 2 x 4.5GHz
Storage: 70 GB NVME
Price: £6.99/month

For a more affordable yet powerful option, the UK-EX2 plan offers 70 GB of NVME storage and 2 GB of RAM. This plan is priced at £6.99 per month, making it a cost-effective choice. It includes the high-speed performance of NVME storage, ensuring fast access and reliable uptime. DedicatedCore support team is known for its prompt and knowledgeable assistance, ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly.

Choosing any of these DedicatedCore plans guarantees that your friend will have a robust hosting solution with excellent support, good uptime, and an easy-to-use control panel. The variety in pricing and features allows for flexibility depending on specific needs and budgets.

Reach DedicatedCore via WhatsApp: +91 9112 444404 and you can explore more options for your requirements.

For bulletproof dedicated servers that offer reliability, offshore hosting, and Bitcoin payment options, DedicatedCore provides robust solutions. They have a reputation for offering secure, offshore hosting with excellent performance and support. Here are two plans that might fit your client's needs for 700 GB of disk space on a Linux server:

Intel Dual Xeon 5420 2.5Ghz Plan:

CPU: 8 cores / 8 threads
Storage: 1TB HDD
Bandwidth: 1Gbps
Location: USA
Delivery Type: Custom
Delivery Time: 48 hours
Price: $35/month

The Intel Dual Xeon 5420 plan offers more than enough storage with a 1TB HDD and includes ample RAM at 16GB. The 1Gbps bandwidth ensures high-speed connectivity, making this plan suitable for demanding applications. With a delivery time of 48 hours, you can expect reliable service and prompt setup.

AMD Preconfigured 2TB 2.7Ghz Plan:

CPU: 6 cores / 6 threads
Storage: 2TB HDD
Bandwidth: 1Gbps
Location: USA
Delivery Type: Instant
Delivery Time: 24 hours
Price: $46/month

For even greater storage capacity, the AMD Preconfigured 2TB plan provides 2TB of HDD storage, meeting your client’s current and future storage needs. This plan also features 16GB of RAM and a 1Gbps bandwidth. With instant delivery within 24 hours, this plan ensures your client can get started with minimal wait time.

Both plans support Linux and allow payment via Bitcoin, offering flexibility and security. DedicatedCore offshore servers are designed to provide high reliability, robust performance, and excellent support, making them an ideal choice for your client's hosting needs.

I have done a lot of research on that and found only two service providers named DedicatedCore and DomainRacer. I have checked all the features and pricing plans of these companies and their services are quite good.

LiteSpeed Web Server can be used with any Apache cooperative control board, such as cPanel and Plesk.

LiteSpeed Web Server continues with HTTP/2 features can be easily configured to use SNI and OCSP stapling and to adhere to PCI compliance.

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