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Title: what is cms?
Post by: amanwaa on November 01, 2018, 10:40:44 AM
When we heard about cms lots of nob blogger don't know what is cms? can you explain more about content management system website  :'( :-*
Title: Re: what is cms?
Post by: kanthikayogi on November 15, 2018, 03:47:38 PM
Here is an article ( that includes all the information about introduction to CMS. Hope this helps..

Title: Re: what is cms?
Post by: okayservers1 on January 23, 2019, 06:22:37 AM
It allows you to control and manage the content within your web site. You can easily add, delete or edit text in your website.
Title: Re: what is cms?
Post by: Rizzotto on February 06, 2019, 06:47:54 AM
The main purpose of a Content Management System (relating to web) is to provide the capability for multiple users with different permission levels to manage a website or a section of the content. For example, you can take a website which has Articles, Blogs, Press Releases, Store, Events and assign each section or a part of a section to user(s) to create, edit, and archive.

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Title: Re: what is cms?
Post by: Corrsikos on February 22, 2019, 06:58:32 AM
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Title: Re: what is cms?
Post by: ryanwuk on April 16, 2019, 10:08:39 AM

CMS (Content Management System) is a tool that facilitates users to create, edit, organize,manage, modify, and publish
content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge. CMS is that software which  helps you in building your website without the need of writing all the code from scratch.

The most popular CMS systems

1. WordPress
2. Joomla
3. Magento
4. Drupal
Title: Re: what is cms?
Post by: markwilson on March 19, 2021, 12:22:10 PM
A content management system, often abbreviated as CMS, is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

In simpler language, a content management system is a tool that helps you build a website without needing to write all the code from scratch (or even know how to code at all).

Instead of building your own system for creating web pages, storing images, and other functions, the content management system handles all that basic infrastructure stuff for you so that you can focus on more forward-facing parts of your website.

Here are some key benefits of using a CMS to run your business website.

1. It's easy for the non-technically minded.
Not all users have the same comfort level with technology, but the basic CMS functions of writing and publishing content, and slightly more advanced ones of adding media are usually easy for everyone to grasp.
In fact, anyone who can use word-processing software can use a CMS for the basic functions – so you don't even have to spend much time on training.

2. It allows multiple users.
In a business, there are many people who can have input into your website, from those who add product pages to those who produce blog posts for your content marketing efforts.
A CMS makes it easy to manage roles and publishing permissions for all these users so that only those you allow can publish content and content only goes live when you're ready.

3. It streamlines scheduling.
Related to that, any decent CMS will give you an at a glance view of the status of all content, whether it's live, being reviewed or a draft. That doesn't just apply to blog posts but to product pages and other website pages. It allows you to assign tasks and check that they have been done.
And it's easy to integrate planned content with your marketing plan so that everyone knows what's happening when.

4. It improves site maintenance.
Need to change something on your site?

Without a CMS, that can mean having to trawl through hundreds of pages, making changes on each one.
With a CMS, the underlying architecture is the same so you can make maintenance changes, update the CMS software and add functionality without breaking the site.
In fact, with the right CMS, it may keep itself up-to-date automatically.

I hope this information will be helpful!
Mark Wilson
Title: Re: what is cms?
Post by: Pravin on April 21, 2021, 07:26:37 AM
A content management system (CMS) is an application that allows multiple users to contribute, generate, edit, and publish web content without having to rely on a developer. It also includes version control and an authoring workflow to ensure consistency across massive, global sites.
Title: Re: what is cms?
Post by: etechsupport on April 23, 2021, 01:02:01 PM
CMS (Content Management System) is a platform that allows users to develop, upload, coordinate, maintain, change, and publish content on a website without having to know specific technical skills. CMS stands for content management system, and it is software that allows you to create a website without having to write any of the programming from scratch.
Title: Re: what is cms?
Post by: Ryanpaul on May 08, 2021, 02:46:44 PM
With a content management system (CMS), you're in control of your website. Because the design is separate from the content, it's easy for anyone to create, edit, and publish within the CMS. This means that you can publish blog posts or add a new page without the headache of learning how to code. Hemel Electricians ( are professional electricians and contractors who provide professional electrical services. Our team can solve all your electrical problems. We can provide fast and expert help in emergencies. We can install wiring and electrical systems for your new construction, remodels, and renovations.