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Author Topic: Is cloud hosting much faster than shared hosting?  (Read 347 times)


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Is cloud hosting much faster than shared hosting?
« on: March 29, 2018, 07:21:56 am »
Matching the moving trend in online market! Cloud Hosting Vs Traditional Shared Hosting

Many times its been asked that which one is faster Hosting option in term of performance and reliabilities. If we continue to compare between the Cloud Hosting and Traditional Shared Hosting, we need to lookup comparison with various points. Lets see the list of the components which are basic requirements of the good hosting, i can name few like Server Resources, Configuration, Management, Scalability, and Performance. Also security is one of important factor of hosting. Addition to it another important fact is hosting Cost! Yes, cost is majorly involved in taking the decision of selecting the best hosting for your website/business.

Traditional shared hosting is been used for long ages and found it most helpful for the beginner and the individual developers, most of the shared hosting provides common features with it and the limited resources to the website. Shared hosting is like traveling into the ship were lot of other website are traveling with you and utilizes the resources available on the same ship. In hosting resources means server disk capacity, memory available on the server, CPU consumption by each website. So overall it's like having a single kg cake and you have to share it with a dozen of your friends, I am sure you won't like it when you are hungry.

Cloud Hosting gives you better place and treatment when it comes to resources, scalability, performance and also hands-on management tools to manipulate with it. With these tools, we can turn on and off additional computing resources to match-up the website resources required to get it working smoother, base on the online traffic, product popularity and business expansions plan.  Though you can find cloud hosting with higher prices you can ignore it if you really need a premium option that boosts performance, reliability, and scalability.