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I have heard that Litespeed server is really fast server. Is it true?

I want to host my 3 web sites. I need 20 gbs of disk space.
What can you say about and their litespeed hosting solutions?
Can I trust these guys?

Cloud Web Hosting / need ssd cloud hosting plan
« on: May 04, 2017, 09:49:27 AM »
Good day,
I want to know about the quality of ssd cloud web hosting services.
My budget is $20/mo.

I am planning to host my web sites at cloud hosting account. Do they offer any discounts?

Where can I read customer hosting reviews about them?

I wanna know about the best place where I could get the most resourceful and affordable reseller package
+ also stable hosting and support services.
I need about 50GBs - space and 1000GBs - bandwidth, Linux + 24/7 support

Do you think that web host will be a good option?
Can you recommend me any alternatives to resell from?

Dedicated Server & Managed Hosting / bulletproof dedicated servers?
« on: December 07, 2016, 11:26:22 AM »
Hey guys,
I need to help one of my clients to choose the most reliable host offering offshore servers (bulletproof)
He can pay via Bitcoin. Needs 700 gbs of disk space, Linux!
Any info on
What can you say about

I have found them via Google search. Are there any experienced webmasters who have used them before?
What host would you choose? Why?
What alternatives can you recommend me to visit?

Hey guys,
I would like to choose the best hosting provider to get reseller hosting plan in Bulgaria.
I have clients there, so it would be great to offer hosting to them.
I have found They have servers in Bulgaria. Do you know them? Are they trustworthy?

Any alternatives? I need over 100 gbs of disk space, 2 tb of bandwidth, Linux. + ability to upgrade.

Cloud Web Hosting / Need to help my client. Any US cloud web hosts?
« on: December 07, 2016, 11:22:08 AM »
What reliable US web hosts do you know? Any information on and their web hosting?
My client requires over 40 gbs of disk + 1000 gbs of data transfer. What hosting would you choose?
What can you say about their server stability and speed connectivity?

What host would you choose if you were me? Why?

Hey dudes,
I require your help to find a good and cheap hosting solution according to my requirements:
==> 25 GB - Disk Space, 350 GB - Traffic
99.99% Guarantee Uptime and fast speed.
I have found 2 hosts: and
Have you ever tried their hosting services before? What host is better from your view points? Why?

Where can I find any possible customer hosting reviews about them? Any fresh discounts please?

I would like to ask some experts help in order to help me to choose the company.
What do you think about
Any info on and their ssd vps hosting services?

I need over 50 gbs of disk space. Linux.

The reason for my request is that I am looking for good place where I can order cPanel VPS hosting solution and this company seems to be good for me.

Do you know anything about them? What host would you choose?

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